Good Phonics

HKYTA has our own production of Good Phonics books which comprises the 42 sound basics and blending skill teaching in our 7-book pack. 

The course aims to train students in reading and spelling proficiency in an interesting and effective English learning environment.  

Good Phonics

Regular Good Phonics Class

Content: This course aims to teach children the basics for beginners with all the sounds. Students are exposed to elementary blending and reading skills.

Age: 3 years old or above

Duration: 1 hour for each lesson

(Students will attend 48 lessons to complete the course and an attendance certificate will be awarded for students with 90% attendance or above)’


Good Phonics Enhancement Class

Content: This course is well-fit for students who have completed our regular class and would like to improve their blending and reading skills. Teachers will help students consolidate the taught skills while strengthening their proficiency with stories and spelling practice. 

Age: 4.5 years old or above

Duration: 1 hour or 1.5 hours each lesson