EQI BABY AND PARENT CLASS (Accompanied by one parent)

Age: 1-1.5 YEARS OLD

Duration: 1 hour per lesson

Language: English or Chinese

Content: We integrate music, movement and cognitive learning into the course curriculum which inspires the babies’ music sense and verbal development. Our teachers have prepared a variety of activities and games during the lesson, helping kids to learn essential cognitions, social interaction ability for their future study.

EQII BABY AND PARENT CLASS (Accompanied by one parent)

Age: 1.5-2 YEARS OLD

Duration: 1 hour per lesson

Language: English or Chinese

Content: Many parents and babies have spent their wonderful time in HKYTA and we are here to help babies explore their potential in a joyful environment with dedicated educators and kindergarten teachers. It is the best time for them to develop their language ability, creativity, socializing skills and EQ training.

MI Preschool Class / Montessori class

Age: 2-3 YEARS OLD

Duration: 1.5 hour / 2 hours

Language: Bilingual

Content: In this age, toddlers need to adapt to another stage of learning in a community and problem solving on their own. This creates their anxiety when leaving parents or learning as an independent party. HKYTA has designed a thorough program in helping them adapt to such change and build up their confidence in the learning routine in the classroom yet discovering the fun in learning and interacting with teachers and classmates. “They LEARN, they PLAY, they GROW UP TOGETHER”.

2022-2023 K1 Interview Class

Our 30-year teaching experience and our dedicated teachers have tailor-made a systematic training program for our students to prepare the coming K1 interviews. We focus on the daily routine understanding, language ability, social and problem-solving skills. Students learn how to communicate with others, sharing, listening to instruction and essential knowledge in the course. Our teachers will also provide useful advice and suggestion for parents in cope with the coming interviews and school choices.

Duration: 1 hour each lesson

Language: Cantonese (Local stream); Mandarin and English (International stream)

School reference: St Paul’s kindergarten, St Catherine, Kentville Kindergarten, Sacred Heart Canossian Kindergarten, York International Kindergarten, True Light Middle School of Hong Kong Kindergarten, Braemar Hill Nursery School, Sheng Kung Hui Kindergarten, Victoria (International) Kindergarten, St. Paul’s Church Kindergarten, St. Peter’s Church Kindergartens, St. Stephen’s Church Kindergarten, Rosaryhill Kindergarten etc.